May 3, 2010

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Why 96% Of Parents Experience Stress, Frustration, And Confusion During Their Child's Teenage Years...

...And What You Can Do To Easily Turn Things Around And Start
Developing A More Connected, Down-To-Earth, Win-Win Relationship
With Your Teen And Virtually Guarantee Their Future Success


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Free Bonus: Inside The Teenage Brain
This eBook reveals cutting edge information regarding the nature of the teenage brain.

You'll learn:

  • How adult and teen brains interpret emotions, behaviors, and signals differently...
  • ...And how you can use this knowledge to ease situations and solve conflicts without either party getting heated.
  • How the frontal cortex of the brain effects planning, strategizing, and thinking things through, and how this is very important during the teenage years.
  • How teenage brain development is associated with behavior, attitude, impulsiveness, and risk...
  • ...And how your teen can use this information so that he or she
    can better understand himself or herself.

This is an absolute must read for all parents (and it can be very useful for teens, too).

imgDo you feel that the relationship between you and your teenager is becoming more and more... distant? 

imgAre confrontations between you and your teen just becoming too common?

imgDo you have a hard time getting your teenager to agree with your suggestions and take your advice?

imgDo you ever worry that, based on his or her current state of affairs, your teenager won't be prepared to succeed in the next stage of his or her life? 

imgIs there a constant power struggle between you and your teen? 

imgDoes your teen act overly stubborn and defensive when you ask questions and make comments and suggestions? 

imgDo small arguments seem to erupt into huge arguments in a split second?

imgDo you fear that your teenager's friends have a bad influence on him or her, and that there's nothing you can do about it?

imgDoes your teen constantly reject your warnings and make poor decisions... even if you thoroughly explain the consequences of their actions beforehand?

imgHave you ever felt that talking to your teenager is like talking to a wall... your words just seem to go in one ear and out the other?

imgHas your teen stopped taking you seriously?

imgDo you enter a state of total confusion and simply ask yourself, "Why? ...What am I doing Wrong?"

If your like me and If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I have something VERY important to tell you...That something is this:
 Ninety-six percent of parents have experienced every one of the same fears, frustrations, and dilemmas during their child's teenage years.
I know exactly how you feel.


learn How To "Fix" The Game So You Guarantee Win-Win
Outcomes Over And Over And Over Again...

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Learn How To Handle Your Teenager And All Situations Involving Him Or Her In A True "WIN-WIN" Manner And Develop The Co-Operative, Down-To-Earth, Frustration-Free Relationship That You've Always Wanted

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...You Can't Use LOGIC When Dealing With Someone Who Doesn't Think or Act Logically

 What Makes This Revolutionary Parenting Program
So Exciting Is That It Allows You To:

Effortlessly Gain Compliance From Your Teen Without Inflicting Underlying Resentment- With our proven methods designed with the modern day teenager's psychological conditioning in mind, you'll be able to get your teen to take action on your requests immediately

Talk To Your Teen So Your Teen Will Listen And Listen To Your Teen So Your Teen Will Talk- When you discover the key essentials to initiating and maintaining a conversation with the "modern-day teenager", you'll be able to get your point across with ease... AND your teen will open up to you like never before.

Be A Friend And A Parent At The Same Time- We'll show you how you can be a successful coach, mentor, and adviser to your teen AND still be one of his or her best friends.

Overcome Even The Worst Current Relationship Situation- Many, many painfully struggling parents who thought that the relationship they had with their teen was "gone for good" have routinely made 180 degree turns and totally transformed their relationship with their teenager using this breakthrough program. And trust me, we've helped solve the absolute WORST possible situations.

Set Your Teen Up For A Successful, Abundant, Positive Future- By avoiding the deadly mistakes most parents make and implementing techniques for setting up and maintaining a progressive, success-conducive atmosphere, your teen will be on a one-way path to a bright future.  



But you don't have to take my word for it. Just read to what some more of the satisfied customers are saying...

“Tried Everything To Improve The Relationship and Couldn't But Finally Turned Things Around With The Parenting Your Teen Program”

“With Sean and Sheri's system my wife and I tried everything to fix the relationship with our teenage girl... seminars, family counseling, psychiatrists... but nothing worked. That was until we found Sean and Sheri and their mind-blowing teen parenting techniques. Things have really turned around now, and I very much appreciate it.”

Huang. V (Father of 4)
Buffalo, NY

“The Difference Is Like Night And Day”

“Sean and Sheri, I can't thank you enough. My two teenage sons have completely changed. As soon as I started reading your program it was as if you had been watching over my household for the past two years. I never thought this change would be possible. The difference is like night and day. Thank you so very much.”

Lilyana. H (Mother of 2)
Anderson, IN

“Single Father Made His Life Much Easier”

“Hey guys, I just wanted to write to you and thank you for everything that you shared in your program. I have three teenagers, two sons and a daughter, aged 13, 14, and 16, respectively, and things came to the point where our household needed a serious change, because as a single father, it was very hard for me to handle all of my teenagers. But when I got your program, I noticed a shift right away. I noticed an increase in my teens' willingness to help out, a lot less fighting, and overall, a more peaceful atmosphere. Awesome stuff!”

David. J (Father of 3)
Edmonton, AB

“Completely Changed”

“The Parenting Your Teen Program completely changed how we reacted to our teenage daughter and how we parented her. You start seeing results right away, and things have completely changed.”

Allison and Roger S (Parents of 2)
Jacksonville, FL
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